Helping senior executives improve execution excellence for their most critical bet your bonus, bet your job, bet your company programs.


Program Inception

  • Our goal is to ensure that your program is sound by collaborating with your teams to develop a comprehensive program charter or objectively recommend any changes to improve execution excellence and reduce risk of failure. Internal teams rarely have the experience and confidence to get this right without objective professional support
    • Validate the reporting and oversight communications plans
    • Assess the program’s complexity dynamics and critical impacting components
    • Advise on management oversight of the planning model
    • Evaluate the project plans for completeness and reasonableness
    • Assess the program budget and forecasted burn rate
    • Ensure that stakeholder roles and commitments are clearly defined
    • Confirm and validate potential program risks and related mitigation plans
    • Assess the underlying business case goals; are they clear and measurable?

“One of John’s most impressive attributes is his breadth of knowledge. Not only does he possess an in-depth knowledge of the Banking Middle and Back Office Operations. John’s knowledge combined with his excellent problem solving skills allows him to quickly adapt to any situation and provide timely and accurate solutions. I strongly recommend John for any Back Office Operations related consulting.”
— COO Foreign Bank