Making real estate decisions and related plans transparent, complete and less risky


How often do you make major, long term real estate decisions? Is your team fully aligned on what is required? Are they thinking about what they can do differently to improve workforce efficiency or reduce operational risk? Are the stakeholders who will rely on the new space aligned with the decisions you and your team are making? Who are the experts you’re relying on to avoid mistakes? Your real estate broker? Your attorneys? Your technology partners?


  • Getting the requirements baseline right

  • Opportunities to “change the game” and be innovative (What can we do differently that will help us be more efficient competitive and productive?)

  • Big costs and long term obligations (Have we provided our finance team with the right information?)

  • Stakeholder alignment challenges (Is everyone who counts on board?)

  • Identifying and mitigating risk

”One of John’s most impressive attributes is his breadth of knowledge. Not only does he possess an in-depth knowledge of the Banking Middle and Back Office Operations. John’s knowledge combined with his excellent problem solving skills allows him to quickly adapt to any situation and provide timely and accurate solutions. I strongly recommend John for any Back Office Operations related consulting.”
— COO Foreign Bank