Helping executives deal with the cost, risks and efficiency of their technology organization and projects


Technology Infrastructure Refresh, Relocation, Consolidation Projects

Large, complex infrastructure projects such as a new data center or a major refresh of technology often gets assigned to someone who understands the current environment being refreshed. That assignment assumes that the person knowing the environment best should lead the effort. This is frequently not the optimal selection because of organizational acceptance of existing systems and services



Organizational Efficiency, Performance and Cost

Many IT organizations have little structure, formalization, or standardization in the way services are managed and how desired outcomes are achieved, leading to a number of issues – (1) Processes are often ad-hoc and compliance is inconsistent, (2) there is no formal methodology for planning, designing, transitioning, and operating services within the established portfolio, (3) the lack of a service management focus creates an inefficient and ineffective service delivery model that does not provide value to the business



Creating a governance framework that uses a compact, mission-focused partner community to drive business innovation is an important element of keeping a technology organization fresh, forward leaning and business enabling. This capability can often be the difference between a business being disrupted and being the disruptor. 

Accomplishing this requires a formal program with the following:

  • Establish the partner ecosystem charter – innovation goals, partner categories, category sponsorship, governance and metrics framework, joint value propositions
    • Partner categories may include technologies, content, research, go-to-market, emerging business models
    • Joint value propositions represent the agreement between the enterprise and each partner selected – mutual value statements, expected outcomes, evidence of successful partnership, etc.
  • Partner selection – focus on the right partners, not just those close at hand
  • Innovation Labs – determine purpose, objectives and scale
  • Business model disruption – offense and defense

”There are two reasons we will continue to use your organization for supporting our IT systems. First, the depth and validity of your consultants’ knowledge base is exceptional. We do not have the time or resources to function as a training ground for consultants exploring new areas. The consultants you have provided to us have been able to make an immediate impact on our projects. Second, the value provided by your organization strikes the right balance. They have been excellent at advising us on several possible courses of action while helping us determine which direction most closely aligns with our abilities and system plans.
— COO Stage Directors Choreographers