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As a competent senior executive, the demands on your time, in today’s business environment, are greater than ever — and have made the risk of missing key time, budget and quality objectives enormous. Additionally, organizations have become more matrixed and compartmentalized, adding to the complexity of addressing, managing and aligning programs that are not typically part of the day-to-day fabric of your enterprise’s business mission. 

KP Johnson & Associates specializes in helping C level executives define and operationalize transformation programs at the intersection of technology and the business mission of their organizations. 

Most business and technology executives recognize that investing in skilled and experienced consulting professionals for challenges that they rarely encounter is the smart approach to predictable cost and outcomes with less risk.

  • We’re looking at a new 10 year lease with a $60 million obligation. How confident am I in presenting my plan to the board? Are our space and technology requirements clear and documented with reasonable stakeholder alignment? Are we relying too much on the advice of our real estate and technology partners, both of whom have their own agendas?
  • Is our technology environment stale and too risk averse? Are we thinking about innovation and how we can pilot some of the ideas our business leaders have raised that they have seen elsewhere?
  • As CXX, I am the principal sponsor for some ambitious business transformation programs underway that can positively or adversely impact my bonus or status. Am I spending enough time overseeing the status of those programs and steering them to success? Are my project teams experienced enough, confident enough and savvy enough to see the big picture?




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